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Become a Voter Registration Volunteer

A Voter Registration Volunteer is someone who has received training to provide individuals with the opportunity to apply to register to vote. Volunteers provide Voter Registration Applications and may assist with the completion of the application. If the potential voter requests, the volunteer will return the completed application to the local board of election for processing. 


Who can be a Voter Registration Volunteer?

To qualify as a VRV, an individual must be of legal voting age. 

What is considered legal voting age?

Someone who will be 18 years old by the next succeeding general or special election is of legal voting age.

Does an individual have to be a resident of Maryland to be a VRV?

No. As long as the individual meets all other qualifications, an individual who lives out of state is not prohibited from becoming a VRV.


For those interested in scheduling a training session, please call the Dorchester County Board of Elections at 410-228-2560. Once certified, you will be supplied with Voter Registration Applications and informational brochures.

For more information on becoming a Voter Registration Volunteer, click here.

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