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About the Board

The Dorchester County Board of Elections is a bi-partisan team made up of 5 full members. The majority members of the Board coincide with the party affiliation of the Governor. Board members are appointed by the Governor and serve for a minimum of four years. At the end of their terms, names of current members and/or new individuals are submitted by party central committees to the Governor's Appointment Office for consideration. New terms begin the first Monday in June of each year following a gubernatorial
election [Election Law Article, §2-201(d)(1)].


All meetings are open to the public. Part of the meeting may be closed to the public in accordance with the Open Meetings Act procedures. Click here for information on the Maryland Open Meetings Act.

Board Members

Thomas M. Corkran, President

Ralph C. Lewis, Jr. Vice-President

Emma D. Pinkett, Secretary

William J. Bishop, Board Member

Emory E. Tamplin, Jr. Board Member

Amanda K. Forester-Cannon, Board Attorney

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