2020 General Election Voting Area Judge Training Quiz
Voters are allowed to drop off their mail-in ballot at any of the voting centers on election day
If a voter has chosen to mark their ballot on the BMD but there is a line and they change their mind and want to mark a ballot by hand, the ballot judge can simply exchange the blank BAC for a regular ballot.
Which judge is required to tell the voter, “You have two ways to mark your ballot either by hand or by electronic device which do you prefer?”
Which judge explains to the voter how to mark their ballot?
A voter may only spoil ____ ballots before they must be offered assistance or use of the BMD.
How far should a scanner judge stand from the scanner while a voter is voting?
If the screen on the scanner shows that a ballot cannot be read, you would signal the Chief Judge who would escort the voter back to the ballot table where the ballot would be spoiled, and the ballot judge would issue a new ballot. How would the ballot judge mark the VAC?
Children ______ years of age and under are allowed to accompany a voter in the polling place.

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