2020 General Election Check-In Judge Training Quiz
Voters are allowed to drop off their mail-in ballot at any of the voting centers on Election Day.
Never ask a voter for ID unless they are marked "Show ID" in the pollbook.
Which judge is required to tell the voter, "You have two ways to mark your ballot either by hand or by electronic device, which do you prefer?"
As you are checking in a voter, you see that their status is "ABS Issued", what would you do?
The 4/3 method is used when looking up a voter in the pollbook. This method uses the first 4 letters of the last name and first 3 letters of the first name in order to look up a voter quickly.
You have just printed the VAC for a voter and you realize you checked in Sr. instead of Jr., what would you do?
What do you circle on the VAC with a red pen?
You are required to go to the election office by October 23rd to sign your oath and pick up your manual.

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